Who are you and how did this all start?
16 Sparrows sprouted from an observation that there were no greeting cards for sarcastic, quirky folks. Kathy began making her own and after her paper goods out numbered friends and family, she knew something had to be done. With the encouragement of two close friends, Kathy opened up shop. (This is the clean up version of what happened. If you ask her friends, the birth of 16 Sparrows occurred in a bar over a table covered in empty beer bottles.)

In 2006 Miss Donovan joined Kathy and 16 Sparrows became a partnership. Donovan and Kathy both share an interest in smart-ass pretty things, which is a commonality that has made their partnership a success.

How is the Letter Writers Alliance linked to 16 Sparrows?
After hearing too many people tell us they were the only ones who wrote letters anymore, we were inspired to create something to link all these isolated epistle enthusiasts together. In the Summer of 2007 the Letter Writers Alliance was born as a member based organization dedicated to keeping the art of letter writing alive. We consider 16 Sparrows the mothership to the LWA, with the Alliance serving a very specific group of enthusiastic paper nerds. (Namely, nerds like us.)


How is my order shipped?
All orders are shipped through the US Postal Service. If you only order an L.W.A. membership, your welcome parcel will not have tracking information. We ship L.W.A. Memberships, cards, and stationery through First Class Mail. All other items are shipped via Priority Mail.

Who can I contact for PR, wholesale, custom design, world domination plans, etc?
It is just the two of us running this shop out of a tiny studio. We are the designers, makers, PR rep, distributor...everything. Just email either of us at 16Sparrows (at) gmail (dot) com and we will get back to you with the info you need. You can view our press history here.

Is my information safe with you?
16 Sparrows values your privacy and therefore we absolutely will not sell, rent, or trade your information with other companies. Read more on our privacy policy page.

Where is your shop located?
16 Sparrows is strictly an on-line shop. Although, there are some wonderful retailers you can purchase 16 Sparrows goodies from.

Are your products sustainable?
In an effort to offer sustainable and environmentally conscious products we are now printing most of our cards on recycled paper with soy-based inks.